presented by Martin Messier — Practicing Artist and Composer


In his latest project FIELD, Martin Messier assumes that it is possible to create sounds using electromagnetic fields of our environment. These residual and imperceptible electric signals are picked with electromagnetic transducer microphones, and become generators of the performance. On stage, he plays with two connections patches that offer many possibilities to connect many outputs to many inputs. By a continuous movement of plugging and unplugging, Messier interacts with them, thus noise and light composition emerges. With FIELD, Messier makes material this flow of power otherwise inaudible and invisible.


About the Performer

Martin Messier is a composer, performer and videomaker. If sound stands as the driving force of his work, Messier also quickly took an interest in the clash between electroacoustic music and other art forms as well as in artistic collaboration. That way, it is through the relationship between sound and material (objects or bodies) that Messier’s work take shape. He gives life to sound through different objects such as alarm clocks, pens and self-conceived machines. At the heart of this encounter between sounds and objects is the idea of pushing the everyday imaginary a little further, of magnifying these objects by giving them a voice and by reinventing their function. At the center of the dialogue between sound and the body in movement, there is a desire to reverse the hierarchical relation usually tied between music and choreography so that sound becomes the driving force of movements. In 2010, Messier founded 14 lieux, a sound production company for performing arts, in order to give a platform to such kind of sound work in the art scene.


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