The Mad Science Fair and Maker Showcase is a new part of the Function Keys Conference. It is a one day exhibition of works by local 'makers', do-it-yourself enthusiasts, and artists with a focus on creative and personal projects not just commercial work. Presenters are invited to personally demonstrate their projects and interact with the viewing public. The exhibition provides a large exhibit space and each presenter is provided with free table space and facilities.


The type of projects include electronics, robotics, 3D printing, music, software applications, woodworking, mechanical engineering, games, media art, scientific studies, and many other areas of interest. It's very much like a science fair but open to anyone who wants to present their own projects. The exhibition is not limited to new technology but is also meant to be a showcase for rare or outdated crafts like blacksmithing or tintype photography.


Maker is a popular term broadly referring to anyone who likes to make things instead of buying them. Specifically the type of person who is inspired by advances in technology to invent their own things. The trend has been growing in recent years and 'Maker Fairs' have been popping up all over the world.


The first Mad Science Fair and Maker Showcase was held November 14 2014 as part of the Function Keys 2 conference. It took over the entire second floor of The Spice Factory in Hamilton. There were 12 displays including 3D printing, geological mapping, steampunk sculpture, home made electronic musical instruments, video art, minecraft world demonstrations, 8 bit video game recreations, stereoscopes, etc. Local presenters included Inventor Dan Zen with several inventive gizmos made from recycled household parts, Peter Rogers with his laser cut Raspberry Pi powered video game, Adam Tindale with his sound board, Julie Rene De Cotret and Mina Ao with their interactive videos, Milton Friesen with his social science project and many others.

Mad Science Fair and Maker Showcase
Friday November 11, 2016, 7-11pm

Calling all MAKERS and MAD SCIENTISTS to show off their stuff!

If you are a Maker or a DIY* enthusiast with a cool project in electronics, woodworking, robotics, 3D printing, games, media art, science, etc. and have a flair for creativity and individuality we would love to have you in this year's Mad Science Fair and Maker Showcase.

The Function Keys Conference is inviting you to demonstrate your projects at our upcoming maker’s exhibition on Friday, November 11, 2016 at The Spice Factory in Hamilton during the James Street Artcrawl. Admission is free to the public.

→ Table space is free. Contact for an application ←

*Do It Yourself


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