World’s Greatest Looist
presented by Dave Gould — Musician, Artist and DIY maker


Dave Gould's bricolage toilet show extravaganza:  Dave rigged up a 1940's toilet with sound and lights.  He blends atmospherical improvisations with the ABS pipe he has attached that acts as an electric didgeridoo with the thumb piano he built on the old oak seat.  The show builds into drum solos exploring the numerous sounds he achieves by tapping the porcelain and scraping the guiros he carved out of the lids.  He lays down boomy dance grooves with his home made speaker bass drum invention and other unique DIY foot pedals.  By the time the show climaxes with theatre smoke that billows out of the sound activated light bowl he has explored a wide range of musical styles with the help of delays, loops and vocalizations.


About the Performer

Dave received the 2013 Hamilton Arts Award for performance. He is a bricolage sound artist who borrows from and blends many art mediums. He performs animated children’s stories with percussion. He can be seen solo or playing drums with artists and bands like Dave Hind, Alfie Smith and Ginger St. James.
He builds exotic instruments out of unique rare things like whalebones, caribou antlers and antique toilets. Dave recently improvised on his instruments at NAISA (New Adventures in Sound Art), Imagine in the Park Children’s Festival and Hamilton Super Crawl. His last recording, “ADAD (Attention Deficit Artist’s Disorder)” is an eclectic collection of found sounds and songs with twisted rhythms recorded in unique environments. It was nominated for a 2012 Hamilton Music Award.



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