Afro-Futurism and Black Future Month 3015
presented by Danilo McCallum—Visual Artist and Afro Futurist


Presentation Outline:

The over-arching theme of the Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition is the far-off distant future as envisioned by Black people. This quantum leap into the future, takes us not only 50 or even 100 years ahead, but 1000 years. The distant date is meant to provide a platform that enables Black people to break from the historic ties of oppression still prominent today. Black Future Month 3015 opens the imagination up to perspectives as far as the limits of our psyche will allow. It offers an opportunity to imagine healthy utopic Black realities, as oppose to merely looking into a future world with the advanced technology of hoover-boards and flying cars, where Black people still face the same kinds of racial, systemic, and mental oppressions.


About the Speaker Danilo McCallum:

Danilo McCallum is a Toronto based visual artist. He works professionally as a painter, videographer, illustrator, graphic designer, muralist and art mentor. A product of the city, the characters depicted in McCallum's work reflect a diverse landscape of people. A graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, McCallum majored in illustration and also studied graphic design and painting. He has exhibited and curated several group exhibitions. Heavily influenced by Sacred Hip Hop and graffiti art in his youth, his mural work can be found across Toronto. Danilo's exploration of futuristic themes in his personal work evolved into the becoming the curator of Black Future Month (3013,3014, 3015) an Annual Afrofuturism Art Exhibition, creating opportunities for artists to express their visions of Black people in the distant future.





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