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What is the Function Keys Conference?

The "Function Keys" was a four-day conference organized by Centre3 for Print and Media Arts that aimmed to explore contemporary ideas and issues in new technologies and digital culture.

The conference happened November 1st to 4th 2012 in downtown Hamilton, Ontario and included a series of lecture style presentations, demos and workshops. "Function Keys" goal was to provide a space for artists, hackers, computer programmers, and interested community individuals to come together in discussion and share in learning about emerging trends in new technology.

The conference consisted of a top roster of renowned speakers and specialists who are visionaries in their fields. Topics for the 2012 conference included:

- Art/Science Collaborations as an Interdisciplinary Practice
- My Experience as a G20 Hacker
- Laser-Based Collaborative Space
- INCUBATOR LAB: Reproductive Technologies from Print Media to BioART
- Beyond the Uncanny Valley
- Intro to Quadcopters
- Public Participation in Visualization
- Mediated Reality - Past, Present and Future
- Plasticity of Flesh: Breeding and BioArt
- Augmented Reality and Grand Island’s Jewish Ghosts

The speakers themselves were representative of diverse communities and backgrounds. Coming from a variety of different institutions, all were either academics, hackers, DIY makers and/or practicing artists whose perspectives are informed by interdisciplinary approaches that investigate the intersections of art, technology and culture.

To watch online video recorded versions of the 2012 Function Keys Conference lectures please click here

Centre3 for Print and Media plans to host the Function Keys Conference again in the future. Check back on this website regularly for more details or call us at 905-524-5084 email digital@centre3.com

This project is funded and supported through the Canada Council for the Arts and the Ontario Arts Council.

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